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From Mark: Thank you for the quick chat, please send me any info you have to get me started with my project.

All we need to get you started on the way to building your new home is for you to send some sketches or designs you like, and we can put you in touch with our drafting people.

It’s simple and we try to make it as enjoyable as we can.  From the preliminary drawings we can give an approximate price for your completed home (to the stage you wish to build to).

Ph: 0419 095 433
Product Overview

Insulated Construction Building to Last

  • Life Style and building for the future

  • Attitude towards building and looking after the environment

  • Sustainable in the fact, more efficient to run & maintain

  • Termites you forget about, nothing to eat

  • Interiors looking modern

  • Nothing to paint exterior

Good Times for All

  • Air Conditioning affordable to run using solar
  • Will achieve best “ R” value achievable of any products
  • Will achieve FULL Cyclone Rating
  • Beats traditional build in construction time & cost
  • With own transport and coordinated use, some specialised sub-contract carriers, and where practical the use of rail, Insulated Construction will be able to factory assemble walls and deliver/erect in under ½ the time of a conventional build