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From Steve: Hi, I am a home owner living in Hughenden – North West Queensland. In the past I have used solar span for deck roofing and it seems to work well. I have been on your web site, re: the use structural walls and roofing. I am looking to erect an eco-friendly retirement house there along the lines of the attached pics and floor plan. The pics attached are just an impression of how the interior structure might appear but of course in the baked enamel finish. Can your products be put together to give a vaulted ceiling look in the front area of lounge/kitchen/dining. If so, do you design house plans or have someone who does. In Hughenden the sub soil is cracking clay so most houses have a wooden floor and sit on adjustable stumps. I would be keen to hear back from you in due course.

Steve sent through layout he had done using excel and below is the photo attached.

Morning Steve,

The news this morning is, I have a meeting with the designer of the new steel connection system to complement the ICA process and it should suit your design very nicely.  We also have a consultancy group of architects interested in coming on board as well as or own couple of architects.  The system will give you the look your after With exposed rafters, only they will be powder coated RHS steel sections and for the span will probably only require a single purlin in the middle and one at the apex. You will also have the same horizontal member at position below apex line. The best part is that you can have the complete open look from end to end, you can still put ceilings over bedrooms, or whatever.

The beauty of all this is the frames not like trusses can be sent in.

Break down form and easily assembled.  Same for the complete floor system.

From Ralph: Hi, just wondering if you could give me some information on building this type of home here in Perth. Is there anyone here in WA who has experience constructing these types of homes that you could put me in contact with? I am looking at building very soon and have just found out about this type of home construction and am very interested.

Thank you for your inquiry.

I currently have another builder and associate, he is working in Halls Creek. 

At present and like myself, he has worked in locations across the top end of Australia and preparing to train other builders in all regions of Australia, and also prepared to travel to all locations.

Unlike the video you see on our web site, I have advanced the system to the point where the completed wall is assembled in the factory and lifted into position using a truck mounted crane or other.

I will attach a plan which is receiving good comments from all who have viewed. We have draftsman able to design to your requirements.

I have also had discussions with a Perth builder over the last twelve months since I put the patent in place.

From Mark: Thank you for the quick chat, please send me any info you have to get me started with my project.

All we need to get you started on the way to building your new home is for you to send some sketches or designs you like, and we can put you in touch with our drafting people.

It’s simple and we try to make it as enjoyable as we can.  From the preliminary drawings we can give an approximate price for your completed home (to the stage you wish to build to).

From Mick: Do you have and standard plans and approx costs? I am also interested in how the service lines, water, electricity and comms are incorporated in the panels and what restrictions on where outlets and lights etc are situated. Is it possible to do the construction yourself?

No Mick, we do not have a standard range of plans.  The enquires we are receiving are for a broad range of styles, and it is possible to build all styles using panel construction.  Two storey will come with a new steel connection system which will make high set more easily applicable.

If you go back to the website and look at the “Product Overview” page, you will see sections of wall panel with service ducts running through the panel.  This allows for plumbing and electrical riser points, also you will see the patented soffit mounting bracket this allows for services to run around the perimeter of the building, services can be passed into the roof space or down the wall as required.

To answer your last question, about doing it yourself.  The preference is would be assist your own builder, or use our trained builders to get to a stage for final certificate and maintain quality in the process.

Ph: 0419 095 433

Product Overview

Insulated Construction Building to Last

  • Life Style and building for the future

  • Attitude towards building and looking after the environment

  • Sustainable in the fact, more efficient to run & maintain

  • Termites you forget about, nothing to eat

  • Interiors looking modern

  • Nothing to paint exterior

Good Times for All

  • Air Conditioning affordable to run using solar
  • Will achieve best “ R” value achievable of any products
  • Will achieve FULL Cyclone Rating
  • Beats traditional build in construction time & cost
  • With own transport and coordinated use, some specialised sub-contract carriers, and where practical the use of rail, Insulated Construction will be able to factory assemble walls and deliver/erect in under ½ the time of a conventional build