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Insulated Construction Australia

The concept of insulated panels has previously been used in commercial building projects only.  ICA has now developed an insulated Complete Wall Panel System specifically for residential applications. Together with the already popular insulated roofing product and is expected to revolutionise Australian housing design and construction.

Australia’s new 6-Star Energy Efficiency requirement for new homes will demand significant advancements in the choice of materials for Australian residential construction practices.

Insulated Construction Australia will demonstrate how uncomplicated the system can be to build an aesthetically pleasing home that meets and exceeds thermal performance requirements. Using technology that enables people to save on future energy bills by providing an affordable energy efficient family home of the future which requires significantly less construction time.

The house features include:

  • 30% faster build time than traditional brick and stick construction.
  • Reduced requirement for trades.
  • Increased energy efficiency and ongoing savings.
  • Flexibility to choose a variety of house styles and designs, from traditional to cutting edge.
  • Insulation quality is maintained over the life of the building and the interlocking nature of the panels eliminates air leakage (ie. loss of heat/cooling).
  • The panels combine framing, load bearing and insulation in one unit.
  • Highly recyclable materials.
  • The combination of roofing and walling panels will bring the house to an 8-star standard of energy efficiency.

The Future Of Residential Housing

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) recently conducted research on behalf of ICA to quantify how the use of structural insulated panels could contribute to thermal performance for residential housing in Australia. The research found that ICA structural insulated panels provide a complete walling and roofing solution that can meet and exceed the current and future thermal efficiency requirements of the Building Code of Australia, for residential dwellings in a range of climate zones.

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Product Overview

Insulated Construction Building to Last

  • Life Style and building for the future

  • Attitude towards building and looking after the environment

  • Sustainable in the fact, more efficient to run & maintain

  • Termites you forget about, nothing to eat

  • Interiors looking modern

  • Nothing to paint exterior

Good Times for All

  • Air Conditioning affordable to run using solar
  • Will achieve best “ R” value achievable of any products
  • Will achieve FULL Cyclone Rating
  • Beats traditional build in construction time & cost
  • With own transport and coordinated use, some specialised sub-contract carriers, and where practical the use of rail, Insulated Construction will be able to factory assemble walls and deliver/erect in under ½ the time of a conventional build